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Anti-aging, Body Contouring and Weight Loss

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Body Treatments & Anti-Aging

Body Contour-More info

Cryoskin is a non-invasive treatment designed to burn

stubborn fat, tone muscles and reduce cellulite.

Detox Wrap and Redlight Therapy- More info

Temporarily get rid of toxins and water weight to reduce bloating, inflammation and tighten skin.

Anti-aging-Facial-More info

Reduce wrinkles, saggy skin, double chin, scars and blemishes. Rejuvenate the skin and experience an amazing glow with this non-invasive Cryoskin technology which increases collagen and elastin production

Body Contour With Cryoskin

Post Workout Recovery & Pain Relief

Cryotherapy-More info

20 minute local treatment to reduce inflammation & relieve pain.

Electrotherapy- More info

Recover faster from workouts by gently contracting your muscles to promote oxygen, better blood flow and flushing of lactic acid.

Infrared Light-More info

Relax your muscles, alleviate tension and pain, detoxify and rejuvenate cells, improve sleep and overall wellness.

Pain Relief


Gerardo I.

“I hurt my back on 3/22. My chiropractor couldn't see me until swelling went down. After the first electrotherapy consultation with Rose BioFx the pain was reduced from a 9 to a 3. My chiropractor predicted that after eight weeks I would be back to normal but with 4 electrotherapy treatments the pain was 100% gone."Google Review

Charity S.

"My experience was beyond my expectations! She released a lot of stuck energy in my chakras. She found some deep blocks I've had for a long time. I highly recommend Rosalidia and her services.

"Yelp Review

Wing Y.

After sitting for 3 hours at my desk, I couldn't bend my right knee without a 5/10 pain. After getting an MRI, my doctor referred me to a clinic for physical therapy, but they weren't taking new patients. Fortunately, after one electrotherapy session, my knee was "re-aligned". I'm no longer limping and most importantly,no
more pain! "Google Review

601 S. B St Suite C, San Mateo




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